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maize flour mill

KMEC undertakes turnkey maize / corn flour mill project from 10TPD to 500TPD. We also offer tailor-made maize flour milling plants according to customers’ unique need. As one of the best manufacturers and suppliers in the field of flour milling in China, we can always supply maize milling equipment for markets all over the world. Of course, our technical teams also help customers design the factory workshop steel silos, cement silos and necessary assistant systems for corn mill projects.

Maize Flour Milling Plants

Here we list some of the successful projects for maize / corn milling we help build with different capacities across the world just for your reference.

10TPD Small Maize Flour Milling Line

10TPD small line for maize flour milling
1. Grain Clean: it adopts sieve, destoner, wiping, magnetic separation and air separation etc.
2. Peeling: Iron roller grinder was adopted to peel.
3. Fine Separation of Coarse Grind: it adopts paddle mill, and the different maize grits and flour through 2mm screen.
4. Milling: maize milling adopts two sets of flour mill, the maize goes through the roller mill grinding and round sieve milling, and then defatted coarse maize flour was get by through the 50-70 mesh screens.

20TPD Maize Flour&Grints Milling Unit

20TPD maize flour and grints 

milling unit
This line is consisting of three parts: cleaning, dehusking and milling. It adopts total dry technology to ensure the extraction of flour and grit and the quality to reach or even surpass the National Standard. Finished product is Grade maize flour, Grade maize grit, and maize bran and so on. The total equipments have advanced technology, high precision, high specification, reasonable layout, low consumption, high extraction and quality. This line can be widely used in Food Industry, Sugar Industry, and Bear Industry.

30TPD Maize Flour Plant

30TPD maize flour mill plant
Main Technical Parameters

1. Production capacity: process maize 30tons maize/24h
2. Products variety:
1) 、Maize flour
2) 、Maize germ&Maize bran&Fodder flour;
3.Extraction rate:
1)Fine Maize flour: 75~80%
2)Maize germ&Maize bran&Fodder flour:20-25%
4. Workshop required(L*W*H):16.5*6*4.5 meter
5. Power supply about 65kw
6. container:1*40’

40TPD Maize Flour Plant

40TPD maize flour milling plant
Main Technical Parameters

1. Large&middle&small granule: total yield 20-30 %( adjustable).
2. Flour (two kinds of): total yield 40-50%,
3. Feed meal: yield 10-15%
4. Skin& embryo mixture: 20-25%
5. Total power: about 130kw
6. Production capacity: 40T/D
7. Workshop size required: 21*6*7.5m

50TPD Maize Flour Milling Plant

50TPD maize/corn flour milling 

Main Technical Parameters

1) Maize fine flour
2) Maize germ
3) Maize bran& Coarse Fodder
3.Extraction rate:
1)Fine Maize flour: 75-80%
2)Maize germ: 7-9%
3)Maize bran and Coarse Fodder: 10-15%
4.Workshop size required: 30×9×7.5m(L×W×H)
5.Power supply: About 200kw.

80TPD Maize Flour Mill

80TPD maize/corn flour mill
Workshop Index

1. Raw Material: Maize
2. Capacity:80T Maize per 24 hours
3. Finished Products and by products:
a. Big maize grits: about 15% granularity 10-20mesh
b.Middle maize grits: about 25% granularity 20-40mesh
c.Small maize grits: about 10% granularity 40-60mesh
d. Maize Fine Flour: about 15-20% through 70 Mesh Sieve.
e. Maize germ& bran& Coarse Fodder:about 25-30%
4.Workshop dimension: 30×9×8m(L×W×H)
5.Power supply: About 340kw.
6.Container:About 4*40’feet

100TPD Maize Flour Mill

100TPD maize/corn flour mill
Workshop Index

1. Raw Material: Maize
2. Capacity: 100T Maize per 24 hours
3. Finished Products and by products:
a. Maize Fine Flour: All through 40 Mesh Sieve.
b. Maize germ& bran& Coarse Fodder
4. Extraction Rate:
a. Fine Maize Flour:70~75%
b. Maize germ& bran& Coarse Fodder: 25~30%
5.Workshop dimension: 30×9×13m(L×W×H)
6.Power supply: About750kw.
7.Container:About 10*40’cnt Approx (silo and maize flour plant)

Maize flour milling process

We use dry corn milling technology for the production of grits, consisting of main steps such as corn cleaning, conditioning, debranning, de-germing, sifting, and adopts the advanced technology of germ separation which ensures the purest albumen. The capacity we can do is from10TPD - 500TPD.

maize/corn flour, grits, bran

There are four basic steps to accomplish the corn flour milling process. First the incoming corn is pre-cleaned. The next step in the process, corn will be de-germinated or polished prior to milling through a flour mill. Sifting is not required if milled through a hammer mill. At last, pack the corn flour into bags.

maize/corn flour milling process

Maize Flour Milling Machine

maize/corn grinding machine

Maize flour milling machine is used in maize or corn grinding or milling, which consists of corn process equipments (e.g.: corn huller, corn polisher, germ extractor, new super fine corn grits machine etc.) and foodstuff process general equipment (e.g.: hoist, density corn destoner, plansifter, miller, flour cleaner).

Maize grinding mill machines is a vital machine for maize. This machine includes a simple design and superior quality which make it to be simple to operate. This will make the device to process a easy and a person friendly operating methods. Buying this machine from the genuine manufacturer assures you of the machine which will last lengthy. Additionally, it assures you of sturdiness and hassle free procedures. It is because the organization offers top quality items which include a guarantee along with a money-back guarantee.

Main Technical Data for the Maize Grinder
Model Power (kw) Capacity (kg/h) Weight (kg)
M6FFC-160 1.5/220v,50hz 2000-8000 38
M6FFC-230 2.2/220v,50hz 1000-3000 68
M6FFC-270 7.5/380v,50hz 400-1800 98
M6FFC-360 11/380v,50hz 250-800 168
M6FFC-500 22/380v,50hz 150-560 460
M6FFC-800 55/380v,50hz 50-200 1200

The maize grinding mill includes a scientific design which causes it to be required minimum maintenance. Its design can also be accountable for making the device lucrative for custom milling procedures. This machine is fantastic for any grain. You can use it to effectively grind wheat, millet, sugar, maize, turmeric and many more. This machine includes a capacity around 40 to 50 kilos each hour.

Releded maize flour mill Machinery
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