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middle size cottonseed oil refinery and fractionation plant Afghanistan

This is a middle sized oil refinery and fractionation plant build in Afgan, which main aim is to process pure edible oil from cottonseeds. by adopting the latest refining technoly, the middle refining line is able to process high quality edible oils either from begetable plant seeds or animals. Higher refinery efficiency, Easier operation!

General Project Profile of the Middle Size Cottonseeds Oil Mill

Location Capacity Construction Time Technical Process Applications
Mazar-e Sharif, Afghan 30 ton per day March, 2016 - June 2016 Degumming, Neutrzlization, Decoloring, Deodorization and fractionation process can process various sunflower seeds oil, palm oil, rich bran oil etc.

Finished cottonseeds oil refininery project pictures taken by our customer


cotoonseed refinery plant

cotoonseed fractionation part of the whole line

outside view of cottonseed refinery plant

workshops of the 30tpd cottonseed oil plant

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