oil pressing

Mechanical oil pressing is to extract the oil by certain oil pressing machine from the oil material by physics pressure, All the courses are without any chemical additive.

Oil Pressing Workshop

oil pressingoil pressing workshop  
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Advantages of Our Mechanical Oil Pressing Technology

  • The speed reducer saves the energy of the equipment.
  • Versatile to process many kinds of oil seeds, such as Peanut kernels, Rapeseeds, Cotton seeds, Sunflower seeds, Corn Germ, Palm Kernel, Sesame, etc.
  • The special design of the expellers are with lower residual oil left in cake and make higher oil output.
  • The speed reducer make the equipments energy saved.
  • The quality of oil cake from pressing is higher, more suits for downstream oil processin.

Hot Pressing and Cold Pressing

The typical oil pressing method usually include the following two kinds: Hot Pressing and Cold Pressing .

cold pressing hot pressing
Cold Pressing Hot Pressing
The temperature should be controlled between 60~ 70 ℃, in order to prevent the protein denaturation or other nutrition in the oil will be easier to refine. By using  this oil pressing method, a certain oil pressing machine - cold press will be used. According to the heat and to extract more oil, the temperature should above 110 ℃, the oil pressing machine - hot press can get higher output, usually 10%~15%higher.

Steam Cooking

Steam cooking is to break the oil seeds cell completely under certain temperature and moisture, During cooking the oil will gather together to ready come out. The enzyme will be inactivated.

Steam cooking is a very important section before oil pressing by various oil pressing machine to get more oil from the material, the correct cooking not only improve the oil quality, oil output, but also can reduce the running load,the wearing and the power consumption of oil pressing machine.

Oil Pressing Machine

Oil pressing machine is the main equipment in the oil pressing plant. The oil pressing machine has quite a lot of advantages. For example, better adaptability, flexible production, high quality of the oil, light color, pure flavor, simple technology, and few supporting equipments.

oil mill pressing machine oil pressing oil expeller
200A Oil Pressing Cold Oil Pressing YZL24 Oil Pressing

Main Technical Parameter:

Model Capacity Power Net Weight Outside Dimension (mm)
200A-3 8-12t/d 18.5kw 5000kg 2850*1850*3270
202-3 45-50t/d 30kw 5500 kg 2900*1850*3640
YZL24 20t/d 36.5kw 8500kg 3200*1850*3600
YZL28 50t/d 45kw 11500kg 3700*1920*3850
YZL32/ZY32 85-110t/d 90/110kw 11000 kg 4100*2720*3850
LYYZL18 6-10t/d 27.2kw 3500kg 3176*1850*2600