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semi-continuous coconut oil refining line

The business dealed with one of our old customer in Philippine about a 20tpd semi-continuous coconut oil refining line. The Philippine customer used to purchased a coconut oil pressing and refining line from us in 2011, During the passed four years the whole line run very well and thay made a great sum of money.

Now they order a 20tpd refining equipment in order to expand their refining production. Under our proposal, they add a filter press to enable the decoloring oil to be continuously filtered, besides, they also change the deodorization pot into deodorization tower and at the same time add related heat-exchange equipment to shorten the deodorization time and bring down the fatty acid content in the oil. The whole semi-continuous coconut oil refining line has successfully installed and debugged in August, 2015. Below are some of the pictures of the refining projects.

20tpd coconut refining workshop

corner of coconut refining workshop

heat exchanger and steam distributor

leaf filter press

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