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maize grinding mill

Maize grinding mill machines is a vital machine for maize. This machine includes a simple design and superior quality which make it to be simple to operate. This will make the device to possess a easy and a person friendly operating methods. Buying this machine from the genuine manufacturer assures you of the machine which will last lengthy. Additionally, it assures you of sturdiness and hassle free procedures. It is because the organization offers top quality items which include a guarantee along with a money-back guarantee.
maize grinding mill

Main Technical Parameters for Maize Grinding Mill
Model Power (kw) Capacity (kg/h) Weight (kg)
M6FFC-800 55/380v,50hz 2000-8000 1200
M6FFC-500 22/380v,50hz 1000-3000 460
M6FFC-360 11/380v,50hz 400-1800 168
M6FFC-270 7.5/380v,50hz 250-800 98
M6FFC-230 2.2/220v,50hz 150-560 68
M6FFC-160 1.5/220v,50hz 50-200 38

The maize grinding mill includes a scientific design which causes it to be required minimum maintenance. Its design can also be accountable for making the device lucrative for custom milling procedures. This machine is fantastic for any grain. You can use it to effectively grind wheat, millet, sugar, maize, turmeric and many more. This machine includes a capacity around 40 to 50 kilos each hour.
maize grinding machine

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