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customer visit for groundnut oil factory

Customers from Iran made a special trip to visit us from June 27 to June 28, 2015. They came to visit for being interested in setting up a corn oil pressing and extraction plant. We took them to our company the first day to get further interaction and understanding about each other, the the second day we brought our customers to one of our groundnut sample projects for looking around on the spot. During the whole trip, they showed great interest and satisfaction with the groundnut projects.

The following photos shows the visiting process of the groundnut oil factory, if you are also interest with making peanut oil. why not trying to get contact with us today?!

Leading customers to visit  the  pre-pressing workshop

Iran customers visit pressing workshop

Leading customers to visit solvent extraction workshop

Iran customers visit extraction workshop

Leading customers to visit oil refining workshop

Iran customers visit refining workshop

Leading customers to visit the oil filtering workshop

Iran customers visit cold filter workshop

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