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40 TPD complete set flour project

This complete set of equipment was developed to meet the requirements of the international market. The machinery works to ensure a high flour extraction rate and a pure color while maintaining high levels of glutenin. Several flour types can be made using this 40 TPD flour set. In the purification process, the stock is conveyed using a pneumatic lift while a bucket elevator is used in screening. Dry cleaning the raw wheat ensures a sanitary work environment. 

Main technical parameters:

1. Output: 40 metric tons per day
2. Flour extraction: When wheat's quality complies with China's GB1351-86 standard (770 grams per liter), the extraction rate of F1, F2 and F3 flour is over 75%.
   a) Single-type extraction rates: F1 60-63%; F2 70-73%; and F3 75-78%.
   b) Combined F1 and F2 extraction: F1 30%, F2 45% (75% total).
   c) Combined F2 and F3 extraction: F2 45%, F3 30% (75% total).
3. Quality: in compliance with China's GB1355-86 standard.
4. Power requirements: about 90kW. 60 kWh per ton of wheat with a voltage of 380V.50HZ.
5. The total area of the workshop is about 168 square meters (24×7×6.5). It utilizes eight sets of 6F-2240/2250 mills with a total roller length of 360 cm (40×4+50×4).
6. Water requirements: dependant upon the moisture content of raw wheat, although to obtain a 3 percent moisture content, 1.5 T of water is typically needed per 24 hours.

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