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200t Wheat Flour Mill Plant

To facilitate the requirements of our customer’s markets, we can ensure a flexible wheat flour mill plant design from raw material intake, pre-cleaning, wheat silo, wheat cleaning, milling, flour mixing and blending. All these allow for technological changes or future additions according to the markets.

200t wheat flour mill plant

① This 200t wheat flour mill plant changes the design of traditional technological process. It features long route of making flour, which adopts break system, scratch system, reduction system, and makes the flour evenly and completely. The new technological process includes “5B4S6M” systems and has 17 courses of technological process of grinding, which not only ensures the quality of the flour and the white color of the flour. The ash content is low, also improves the extraction flour and reduces the power consumption.

② Scratch system and reduction system adopts smooth roller, which improves the color of flour and precision, and makes the broken bran less and reduce the ash content, exclude the broken bran.

③ The milling section adopts purifier, bran centrifugal, bran brush, flour plansifter and other auxiliary equipments. It improves the efficiency of grinding system and shifting system, improves the flour’s precision and its color, lreduces the ash content, and improve the extraction rate and quality of product.

④ The purifier can separate the endosperm from the flour and improve the quality of flour and its color. It can lengthen the time for storage. The separated wheat endosperm is very good natural nutriment. With proper further processing, it can increase the economic benefits of this wheat flour mill plant.

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