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wheat bran finisher

Wheat bran finisher is designed for detaching endosperm particles adhered to the bran to increase the extraction of flour in flour mill. Wheat bran finisher has two models for different capacity. There are three installation types are available: left-hand, right-hand, twin.

wheat bran finisher wheat bran finisher

The bran flow is tangentially given in to the machine with the inlet and grabbed through the rotating beaters and detached from the impact wall and also the screens. The bran is detached over and over and so the sticking endosperm falls removed from the bran and experiences the screen as the bran is beaten and pressed towards the finish outlet. The perforated is polygonal that your slight vibration is triggered once the bran impact from the screen, thus the perforation keeps open and browsing efficiency is accomplished. It's easier to connect the device for an aspiration system when the screen throughs aren't pneumatic moved.

Wheat Bran Finisher Workshop
wheat bran finisher workshop wheat bran finisher workshop

※ Advanced design and excellent fabricating.
※ Dynamically balanced rotor ensures smooth running.
※ The rotor’s beaters are adjustable.
※ Different screen perforated openings for different requirements.
※ Cleaning the bran and get commercially usable flour.
※ Individual drive with lower power requirement.

Model Diameter
KFPDW30 300 800 0.9-1.1 2.2 360 1307*436*1568
KFPDW30*2 300 800 1.8-2.2 2.2*2 720 1307*872*1568
KFPDW45 450 1100 1.3-1.6 5.5 400 1707*586*1568
KFPDW45*2 450 1100 2.6-3.2 5.5*2 800 1707*1172*1568
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