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three-vane pressured dampener

The pressured dampener is widely used in the intensive dampening of grain. This newly developed pressure whirling system ensures uniform distribution of the water throughout the grain as well as excellent penetration of water into the grain with a low power requirement.
pressure dampener

The wheat is moved into pre-mixing chamber at tangential way with the inlet. Underneath the constant purpose of rotor blades, beating function between wheat and wheat, wheat and rotor blades, wheat and casing are accomplished. Then your wheat goes forward at spiral distance to mixing the chamber and it is fully combined with added water. In mixing chamber wheat is pressed, influenced and vibrated by different rotor blades, intensive intermixing and water transmission through the rotor whirling product is accomplished. The completely wet grain is released in the machine outlet. The significant intensity could be modified with a system in the finish from the machine plus some slight bran as well as outer skin from the granular might be crawled in the grain, which helps make the wheat simple to further clean.
pressured dampener

Strong Points of Pressured Dampener:
- Advanced design and excellent fabricating
- Outstanding dampening action
- Optimal water distribution and water addition rates up to 7%
- Specially heat treated blades are wear-resistant
- Low power requirement
- Excellent sanitation
- Low-maintenance requirement
- All parts in contact with the product are of stainless steel.

Technical Parameters:

Model Rotation(r/min) Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Weight(kg) Dimensions (mm)(L*W*H)
KQZJ-11 500-800 3-10 11 550 2289*660*1360
KQZJ-15 500-800 5-18 15 680 2289*660*1360
KQZJ-22 500-800 8-25 18.5 760 2289*660*1360
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