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The plansifter is broadly used in modern flour mills and grain grinding mills. It is also mainly employed for not just grinded wheat and middle material browsing but also be employed for flour check browsing. Because of different sieving design, the plansifter serves for various browsing passages and various middle materials. You will find three styles: square plansifter, mono-section plansifter and twin-section plansifter.

Regardless of the style, the plansifter is driven with a motor which installed within the primary frame and counter-balanced with a counterweight. Each plansifter has 4, or 6, or 8 sections sieves inside. Various material flows in to the various section by itself route. Based on individual design for various materials, the sieve sifts different granular material to various next passages in flour machine once the whole machine is running.
mono-section plansifter

Sieve frames are created by imported wooden covered inside and outdoors with plastic melamine lamination, demountable, interchangeable. Sieve frames are outfitted with stainless trays. Each whole section is held by way of metallic frame and pressure micrometric screws in the top. It is simple and quick to alter of browsing plan if required.
twin-section plansifter

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