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multi-functional combined cleaner

The multi-functional combined cleaner brings four procedures in a single machine. It separates grain based on the particle size, after which sorts the grain based on its specific gravity. Because the destoner removes the stone, glass, etc., the scourer cleans the top of popcorn kernels. Our combined wheat cleaner includes a space-saving design, employing a single housing unit for those four processes. The central connection for that aspirator supplies a funnel for that separation of low-density contaminants for example dust, hulls, chaff and shriveled popcorn kernels. Experience acquired within the area verifies this machine accomplishes the finest output for this kind of simple to operate design.
multi-functional combined cleaner

Model Screen Width (mm) Power (kw) Capacity (t/h) Dimensions (L×W×H)
KQLSD100 500 3.6 1-2 1200×1200×2100
KQLSD120 600 4.6 2-3 1400×1400×2200
KQLSD160 800 5.74 3-5 1800×1450×2300
KQLSD200 1000 9 4-6 2200×1500×2300

Combined Cleaner Installation
combined cleaner installation
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