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low pressure centrifugal fan

The low pressure centrifugal fan is not widely applied in flour mills aspiration system for supplying air suction source to keep the machine in a minus pressure and no dust spraying out but also successfully used in feed mills and rice mills. What’s more, the low pressure centrifugal fan is to meet the selecting requirement in destoner aspiration system and purifier aspiration system.

low pressure centrifugal fans

Salient Features of Low Pressure Centrifugal Fan
※ Advanced design and excellent fabricating.
※ Casing built in carbon steel plate.
※ Low pressure type specially designed and dynamically balanced
※ Pressure ranges from 1300pa to 4500pa while volume ranges from 80-450 m3/min
※ Series of data meet various requirement
※ High quality motor flanged fixed with the fan
※ Smoothly running and low noise with shock absorber
※ Clean and sanitation.

Low Pressure Centrifugal Fans System
low pressure centrifugal fans systems low pressure centrifugal fans system

Model Air Pressure (mm H2O) Air Quality (m3/h) Power (kw) Speed (rpm)
4-72-4A 134-204 4020-7420 5.5 2900
4-72-4.5A 170-258 5730-10580 7.5 2900
4-72-5A 56-81 3977-7358 2.2 1440
4-72-5A 319-324 7950-14710 11 2930
4-72-6A 72-115 6860-12620 4 1440

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