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impulse dust filter

The low pressure impulse dust filter has adopted advanced technology of electromagnetic impulse valve direct jets ash-cleaning. This machine has maintaining the jetting and blowing system without halting features. The cylinder structure and centrifugal tangential blowing reduce resistance and filter-bag load. The baiting on the flat board is lower than the height of device. It is widely used in industry such as cereals, oils, foods, chemical, medical, and cement for gas-dust separating and material recycle at ordinary temperature.

Impulse Dust Filter
impulse dust filter

Impulse Dust Filter Working Principle
Following the air that have dust enter lower box body from infall, partial deposit, when light powder fluctuate blocked by sieve bag, through venturi enter up box body, released from outlet. the powder which attach outdoors of sieve bag increase continuously, within the determinative resistance amount, should eliminate powder which attach around the outdoors of sieve bag, remove ash by  each controller periodical sequence touch off each control valve, spray the compress air from the gas bag by jet through venturi inducement data enter sieve bag, make cloth bag bulge quickly expensive and together with air stream reverse action, the get rid of powder drop into ash door through eject ash valve discharge from machine.

impulse jet dust filter workshop

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