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high pressure centrifugal fan

The high pressure centrifugal fan is broadly applied in flour mills pneumatic transferring system for lifting materials in milling section as well as successful application for feed mills and rice mills. Also this centrifugal fan is used for offal or bran long distance transferring in flour mills.
A set of blades fixed directly with the motor shaft are running in the welded fan casing, the air is inbreathed from the center of the fan and puffed away from its tangent outlet.
high pressure centrifugal fan

Specifications of High Pressure Centrifugal Fan
Model Air Pressure (mm H2O) Air Quality (m3/h) Power (kw) Speed (rpm)
6-23-4A 195-267 682-1296 2.2 2840
6-23-5A 305-417 1332-2532 4 2890
6-23-6A 439-600 2302-4375 7.5 2900
6-30-7C 560-630 6000-12500 30 2500
6-30-8C 720-830 9500-14300 45 2500

High Pressure Centrifugal Fan System
high pressure centrifugal fan system
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