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grain purifier

Grains purifier is broadly utilized for modern flour mills for prime quality flour together with effectively employed for semolina flour in durum flour mills.

purifier for four mill grain purifier for flour mill

This machine is designed to separate pure endosperm granular from grains. It comprises two independent sieve-decks, each with three ranges of double superimposed sieves. The two sieve-decks derive from four rubber spring shrubberies around the steel frame and vibrated by two vibration motor which set up in the conclusion in the machine. Independent aspiration is connected on the top from the device. This mix flows into sieve decks which are listed in the interaction of vibration and suction although it's flowing for the finish in the machine. Materials then are separated to pure endosperm semolina, endosperm with barn fraction, pure bran fraction then are shipped to various next passages.

Purifier System Workshop
purifier system
purifier system

Salient Features of Grain Purifier
● Advanced design and excellent fabricating;
● Sieve size: 490mmx490mm, 590mmx590mm;
● Aluminum inlets, conveying and collecting trough for durable working;
● Imported rubber spring bushes, reliable;
● Imported SEFAR cloth;
● High quality vibration motor;

Specifications for Purifier
Model Vibrating Motor (10 grade) Power(kW) Amplitude(mm) Air Quality(m3/min) Capacity(t/h) Width(mm) Weight(kg)
4×0.25 4.0~5.0 60~80 3.7~5.6 730×2 1420
FQFDZ50×2×3 4×0.18 4.0~5.0 40~50 2.4~3.8 492×2 1200
FQFD50×2×3A 2×0.5 4.0~5.0 40~50 2.4~3.8 492×2 1200
FQFD50×2×3B 2×0.18 4.0~5.0 40~70 0.4~2.8 492×2 1000

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