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What is the difference between vertical structure and horizontal one?

The process theory of vertical structure is same with the horizontal ones. The differences are following:

a. In the horizontal structure,the flour mill is on the same level with the plansifter; And in the vertical ones, the plansifter is above the flour mill which is on the second floor, then the through can go to the mill directly relying on gravitation which save the power of the fan, and also simplify the air net which enable the easier operation, (such as, reducing the blocking of wheat)

b. The vertical structure is more beautiful.

c. The vertical can be operated more easily, for example you do not need to go to the trench for pulling out the wheat if it is dropped out.

d. Installing the same type of equipment, the capacity of vertical will be higher than the horizontal one.

e. The vertical cost a little more than the horizontal for the more elevators and steel frame.

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