Seed pretreatment is to make the oilseeds in the best condition to process the most oil out.

Seed Pretreatment Workshop

seed processing workshop workshop
seed processing machinery workshop seed processing equipment workshop

Seed Pretreatment Process

The seed pretreatment process includes the following sections:Cleaning, Dehulling, Softening, Flaking, Filtering, Extruding.

seed cleaning machine seed dehuler
Seed Cleaning Machine Seed Dehuler
seed softening machine seed flaking machine
Seed Softening Machine Seed Flaking Machine
seed filtering machine seed extruding machine
Seed Filtering Machine Seed Extruding Machine

TIPS: Flaked soybean moisture is 11%~13%, the best moisture for solvent extraction is 8%~10%.

Advantages of Seed Pretreatment Process

  • Heated shelling features means to reduce energy consumption.
  • Twin dehulling process which raises the shelling ratio to up to 85% with oil residue in hulls reduced to below 1.5%.
  • Large-volume silos to facilitate adjustments to production capacity.
  • Can produce oil cake to different grades and various protein levels which are adjustable to meet special requirements. Soybean cake can also be milled.
  • Oilseeds can be expanded to make subsequent oilseed processing easier.
  • Complete pre-treatment system can be controlled automatically.


Other Seed Processing Equipments

During the process of seed pretreatment, a series of seed processing machinery or you can say seed processing equipment are necessary, such as cleaning sieve, crusher, seed softening machine, flaker, oilseed extruder, dryer and so on.You can choose these machines to meet your needs.Below are some equipments.

peanut sheller machine destoner machine
Peanut Sheller Machine Destoner Machine

All the seed processing equipment are designed to adjust to the different oil seeds and the clients exact requirements.

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