seeds dehulling machinery

The sheller is specially designed for rapeseed hulling and kernel husk separation in the oil milling plant.  The huller works by means of extrusion, shearing, twisting and tearing of the paired rolls. The kernel husk separator works by means of vibrating screens and air currents according to different bulk densities and sizes of the husks and kernels.

After cleaning, oilseeds such as sunflower seeds are conveyed to the seed dehulling equipment to separate the kernels. KMEC's sunflower seed dehulling machines adopt a unique seed dehuller and are controlled by frequency conversion technology. Sunflower seeds which remain unhulled are recycled within the equipment until properly dehulled. The efficiency of the dehuller is about 95 to 98 percent, with the rate of broken kernels at 2 to 5 percent.

Seed Dehulling Machine Technical Data

  • Capacity: huller: 100t/d(24h)
  • kernel husk separator: 50t/d(24h)
  • Husk separation rate: 90~98%(water content: 2~10%).
  • Rate of husk in kernel: 1~4%

Features of the Seed Dehulling Machine

Compact yet with a high capacity, easy to manage and less labor intensive. Utilizes a special plate screen with a reduced frequency of sceen replacement to improve the efficiency of production. The paired rolls, made of new material ADI castings, have been treated via a special process for durability. By adopting a multiple vertical air current process, circulation has been improved.

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What exactly is Seed Hulling Machine? Seed Hulling Machine could possibly be identified as Disc Huller , it's used with dehulling oilseed shells like peanut inshell, cotton seed, apart from that this type of seed hulling machine could also be used to grind oilseed like peanut, soybean and so forth.

Characteristics of Seed Hulling Machine / Disc Huller

  • Hulling Ratio achieve to 99% but no whole seed left for second dehulling.
  • Short lint is moved when decorticating. Within the complete soybean decorticating line, we match the Fans & Cyclone which often can collect the short lint, therefore it could be much easier to broken up the actual Hulls & Popcorn kernels and raise the proteins content in cakes & meal. An additional benefit of our own Seed Hulling Machine could be maintain your work shop in good clean working condition.
  • Our Seed Hulling Machine / disc huller actively works to use and send back the foreign hard material.

Hot Sellers of Seed Hulling Machine / Disc Huller - Model GCBK127

Seed Hulling  Machine Seed Hulling  Machine

Main Technical Data of Seed Hulling Machine / Disc Huller

 Model Capacity (t/d) Power(kw) Weight (kg)  Dimension(mm)
GCBK71 35 18.5 1100 1820*940*1382
GCBK91 50-60 30 1700 2160*1200*1630
GCBK127 100-170 37-45 2600 2400*1620*1980

This can be the greatest and also the best selling model among our seed hulling machines / disc hullers which are normally utilized in large oil mill plant. We have now got patent on structure & material. Through adding Stirring Wheel relating to the Fixed Disc & Moving Disc,improve thecourse, hence, the growth effectiveness & capacity rise in occasions. Except another feature in our Seed Hulling Machine / disc huller, the special character is: greater capacity however energy consumption reduced to 7.4KW/T material.