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Feed Pellet Mill - Feeding Stuff Cuber

Feed Machinery - The applications of feed pellets have greatly developed recent decades' years. They are easy to transport, more tasty for animals. After well processed, the feed pellets are clean and convenient for the feedlot. The high quality feeding stuff cuber can make strong pellets with slipery surface.

Feed Machinery - The feed pellet mill for animal feed such as cattle,sheep,pig etc farm feed animals, chicken, duck, fish etc poultry and aquaitc livings and pet animals such as dog,cat,fish etc, has wider application in agricultural field. Nowadays, intensive management of animal feeding industries can save cost and realize maximum benefit. With the developing of intensive management of animal feedstuff, there is a big market for feed pellet mill.


The above pic show various applications of feed pellet mill pelleter. It can process kinds of biomass pellets such as alfalfa pellet, corn stalk pellet, wood dust pellet, charcoal pellet, oil dust pellet, peanut peel pellet. It can also process complex fertilizer pellet, duck pellets, grass carp pellet, anthony pig pellet, low temperature biological bacterial manure pellet, juvenile prawn pellet etc. The diameter of pellets can be 2.2mm, 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm, 6.0mm and any specification as clients required.

On the basis of introducing, studying and absorbing the matured biomass pellet forming technology from Europe, Kmec took the head in developing and innovating successfully the technology and complete system of biomass pellet forming in China. The production system can adapt various kinds of biomass material that has been pretreated, thus various kinds of barks and branches of trees and also wood shavings etc. can all be formed into pellet fuel. The formed pellet fuel has such advantage as shining smooth surface, high density, uniform length and crackless surface, and all of the technical parameters have reached the international standard.

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