batching system

Vertivcal Spout Magnet

TCXT Series Magnet:

TCXT Magnet

1. Application
Widely used for removing metal of raw material in Wood Pellet Press, feed, flour, rice grinding, grain silo, food and chemical field.

2. Main Features:
1). The cylinder of magnetic separator is made of stainless steel. The metal removing rate can reach 98%. Magnetic core uses the newest rare-earth permanent magnetic materials with high property ≥3000 gauss.
2). Simple installation and small area.
3). The door opening is specially strengthen, which stops the magnetic door from loosening over time.
4). No additional power is needed. Easy to maintain.

TCXT series Magnetic Separator removing iron, with intensity of magnetic field ≥3000GS, efficiency of iron removing ≥99%, power source isn’t needed, which meets international standards.

TDTG Series Bucket Elevator:

TDTG Bucket Elevator

Model TDTG15/9 TDTG30/18 TDTG36/23 TDTG40/28 TDTG50/28 TDTG50/28
Power(Kw) Adjusted by the height of the elevator
Capacity(t/h) 1-2 5-8 10-25 20-40 30-35 45-55

1. Equipped with sight glass and tension bridle.
2. With the glued surface main wheel can increase the efficiency.
3. The polyester nylon belt is more reliable.
4. Use special folding technology, better tightness and higher strength.
5. The feeding hopper can be in sequence and in reverse on the base of the elevator.
6. it’s easy to clean with a camber in the inner base.