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Edible or vegetable oil efining process can remove phospholipids, FFA, pigment, off-flavor and other impurities. We supply quality and professional edible / vegetable oil refining equipment and technology to ensure that best finished oil is achieved with the lowest production cost.

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Flowchart of Oil Refining

Oil Refining Plant


Edible Oil Refining / Vegetable Oil Refining

 According to different edible oil refining technologies, we generally classify it into Physical Refining & Chemical Refining.

Edible Oil Refining - Physical Refining

Physical refining means removing gum in oil during process of degumming in special method and removing FFA in process of deodorizing by steam.

Features of Physical Refining

  • Less oil loss and higher edible / vegetable oil refining ratio.
  • No waste water in the edible oil refing process of production.
  • More FFA is distilled out.
  • More suitable for oil with high acid value and low gum impurity.

Edible Oil Refining - Chemical Refining

Chemical refining, however, usually means removing FFA in a chemical way ( Acid-base neutralization). Gum and soap foot produced is separated by centrifuges. It is one popular refining method of edible / vegetable oil refining.

Features of Chemical Refining

  • Excellent adaptability and less requirement to oil quality.
  • The finished oil is consistent and stable.
  • Less bleaching earth is added into compared with physical refining.

Chemical Refining usually includes the following sections:Hydration Degumming, Versatile Neutralization Washing, Bleaching, Deodorizing, Dewaxing.

hydration degumming
Hydration Degumming
Versatile Neutralization Washing

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