maize flour mill


MM / GM Series Maize Miller
The maize miller we supply can mill maize, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and bran, etc. Its advantages include easy operation and high quality. These maize milling machinery are made of armor plates. Please note the GM series is an advanced model from MM series and includes a cyclone.

For more detailed information please refer to the following chart:

Maize Miller
maize mill
MM Series Maize Miller
GM SeriesIntegrated Maize Miller

Main Technical Data

Model MM40 MM50 MM75 GM40 GM50 GM75
Capacity (Kg/H) 400-500 700-800 800-1200 400-500 500-800 800-1200
Rate Of Motor (Rpm) 3600-4000 3600-4000 3000-4000 3600-4000 3600-4000 3000-4000
Power (KW) 11 15 15 11 15 15
Weight (Kg) 67 78 88 108 119 129
Size (Mm) 400X213X640 450X239X756 450X260X767 820X540X620 890X575X645 890X610X670


Model Capacity (Kg/H) Rate Of Motor (Rpm) Power (KW) Weight (Kg) Size (Mm)
MM40 400-500 3600-4000 11 67 400X213X640
MM50 700-800 3600-4000 15 78 450X239X756
MM75 800-1200 3000-4000 15 88 450X260X767
GM40 400-500 3600-4000 11 108 820X540X620
GM50 500-800 3600-4000 15 119 890X575X645
GM75 800-1200 3000-4000 15 129 890X610X670

MMC Series Maize Miller

MMC series maize miller are other popular types of mills machine used for maize, potatoes, and other grains. Their advantages include nice appearance, high efficiency, compact structure, and easy operation. This maize mill machine is a very popular product for export, especially for the African market.

Maize Milling Machinery
maize milling machine
Maize Mill Machine

Main Technical Data 

Model MMC15 MMC23 MMC37 MMC45
Capacity (Kg/H) 15-78KG/H 110-400KG/H 500-600KG/H 600-700KG/H
Power (KW) 1.1KW 3KW 7.5KW 11KW
Weight (Kg) 17KG 70KG 170KG 230KG
Size(Mm) 230X270X610MM 480X460X1000MM 670X1070X1320MM 740X1150X1340MM
Packing Size(Mm) 630X320X350MM 650X685X530MM 870X670X658MM 970X720X750MM
Units In 20” Container 378 108 54 54